The Top Ten Most Expensive Sexy Lingerie

Can you imagine there is a list of women's most expensive underwear? Since Victoria’s Secrect becomes a logo of fashion and receives extensive attention, underwear becomes an important role on fashion stage. Recently, Forbes announces a list of luxury lingerie. Let's look at these expensive sexy lingerie.

Top 1. C.Gilson $ 2684 (including nightgown, bra, briefs, garter)

C.Gilson is a young underwear brand found by a famous Belgian designer Carine Gilson in 1994. As its expensive prices, C.Gilson is Invincible and irreplaceable in the underwear world, which meets women’s desires on delicacy, elegance and sexuality.

Top 2. Guia La Bruna $ 750 (including bra and briefs)

Though looks not luxury, Guia La Bruna gives girls unique sweet temperament. Guia La Bruna advocates a sense of natural, comfortable and healthy. The most significant feature of Guia La Bruna is the well-fitted cutting. With the perfect combination of low-key luxury and simplicity, Guia La Bruna focuses on creating a charming visual sense. A set of Guia La Bruna is about $ 750, equals to RMB 5000. It is the most expensive girls’ underwear brand.

(C.Gilson / Guia La Bruna)

Top 3. I.D.Sarrieri RMB 4000

Luxury underwear eventually returns to sexy, which perfectly realize the significance of its luxurious nature. I.D.Sarrieri, the most elegant sexy lingerie, comes from France, is more sexy and provocative. Though its prices are lower than the former two, the 3rd place on the list gets it unattainable.

Top 4. La Perla $621 (including bra and briefs)

La Perla, Italian luxury underwear brand, is simply luxury, more suitable for daily wear. Therefore, a lot of buyers are very fond of them.

(I.D.Sarrieri / La Perla)

Top 5. Agent Provocateur $588 (including bra, briefs, garter and tights)

Top 6. Damaris $544 (including bra and briefs)

With provocative designs, Damaris is the most popular gift that British men prefer to give to their partners. Damaris is formed in 2001 by Damaris Evans, who was titled The Britain Underwear Queen by vogue and elle, with the popularity of her “bow knicker” series.

(Agent Provocateur / Damaris)

Top 7. Frankly Darling $430 (including nightwear, bra and briefs)

Top 8. Ravage $420 (including bra and briefs)

(Frankly Darling / Ravage)

Top 9. Strumpet & Pink $ 365

Top 10. Vagin Pouvoir $344

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