Lara Stone Supermodel, beauty and the beast

Recently, for the <<interview>> journal required Lara Stone supermodel took a group of new movies. Lara were required swimsuit to battle with her sexy shape, and has played a reality version of beauty and the beast.

Diesel 2011 Spring& Summer Lingerie Vigor Holiday

2011, Diesel led everyone come to Diesel island, feel free run and embrace the joy of the oceans. This season with women's underwear waterproof breathable fabric, comfortable and elastic; The detail design of garment, don't wear a coat can be outdoor activities.

Intimissimi 2011 Spring & Summer Nightgown Romantic Lace

Various romance lace decorate Intimissim Spring & Summer nightgown, include falbala style, lozenge hollow-out the small triangle and delicate lace, sexy charming style clipping, tracing exquisite curve illustrates the women of different style temperament and charm.

APLF: 2012 Spring & Summer Colour and Material Trend

This is a future season, should bring a warm, daring spirit action
This is a share, action, to explore and create season
Hold vogue and standards
Tell your story
According to choose colour and material interests
From mixing, tie-in fun and adventure

APLF Colour Trend
From the bright-coloured color, the bold to valuable inspiration and harmony
Vigor reveal, surprising future poetic colour to nostalgia
Bright, bright neuter colour
Four trend theme
Topic 1: Theme Recreational And Elegant

Topic 2: City Luxuriant

Topic 3: Romantic

Topic 4: Travel Memory

CK White Label Swimsuit blockbusters To Reviving The Black Boom

Calvin Klein fashion brand of its vice line brand "CK White Label", always chasing black and white ash classic color, to make the fashionable new quarterly. In this Spring & Summer, contracted fashion style design, deep V scoop-back connects body swimsuit also hidden clever and sexy. Invited photographer Alasdair McLellan, models wearing black advocate make scene swimsuit, deduce visual shock!

Refined Penti 2011 Spring & Summer Lingerie And Filar Socks Adornment

Penti - Turkey Lingerie brand, in native has obvious competitive advantage, whether from the design or marketing management. Penti 2011 Spring & Summer Lingerie with filar socks showed acme woman intellectual beauty, black and white and Nude three classical color Penti construct together the refined feelings.

Banco DE Areia - Hawaii Spring & Summer Swimsuit Frenzy

The hot sun, shining to the earth's surface. Banco DE Areia with 2011 Spring & Summer a bikini swimsuit series, rich and romantic Hawaiian amorous feelings and national wind beadwork, full-bodied colour tension stimulated you full sport cells, stylish4 and not losing your enthusiasm charm.

Myla 2011 Spring & Summer Naked Color Deck Bridal Lingerie

Recently, Myla released a bridal lingerie set, filled with the girl underwear of the pure romantic. Silk, hollow out bud silk and cotton in high-grade fabrics such as to perfect combination and represented here. This payale except usual bridal lingerie outside pure white color is naked, powder, the highlight of this lingerie part sexy somewhat blushing colors.