The Story Behind the Royal Lingerie

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to see how things roll in the fashion world. The number one law in the Fashion Decalogue is “Be in the right place at the right time.” Ever since the first step into this domain, a fashion apprentice is taught to obey this rule flawlessly.

And so time went by and November 2010 arrived. And from that day forward, fashion designers have risen, hairstylists have prospected, wedding planners have put together their portfolios, as a great hype started thriving inside the fashion realm. The reason: Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their up-coming wedding. What greater reason of excitement for fashion designers all over the world?

So by now we all know the name of the wedding dress designer. What we don’t know is who created the bride’s undergarments, although the media is hooting with speculations.

Ever since the big announcement, lingerie creators spent many hours in fashionable agony trying to come up with the perfect lingerie for the princess-to-be. Things would have been a lot easier for all non-UK designers if only they concluded there’s no need for them to outdo themselves. Why? Because the right royal designer resides in UK, focuses on handcrafted sophisticated details and knows how to combine tradition with modernism.

Agent Provocateur is one designer of this kind. And they stood a good chance in becoming the royal lingerie designer. So they took action in making the world believe this is the brand that would create Kate’s bridal undergarments. They launched an ad campaign that revealed a model looking outrageously similar to Kate Middleton. And it worked. People looking at their adds instantly thought Agent Provocateur was the winner. And of course, their clients tripled.

Michelle Mone, who is known to be a tough business woman, did her best to get into Kate’s graces and sweep her of her royal feet. She created a lingerie set for Kate, but guess what, no one told her to. I must say I saw it coming. This woman exploited the royal wedding to its maximum. All on her own, she gained spotlight and even if she didn’t design the royal lingerie, everyone knows she might have.

Rigby & Peller also took a chance, but Kate Middleton is too much of a free spirit to suit this house of design.

Does Sian Hoffman ring any bells? This one right here is an intuitive corsetry designer who tailored their trousseau according to Kate’s personality. Which I may add should have been the first thing for all designers to consider before getting to work.

So who created Kate Middleton’s wedding lingerie? I don’t know. But what I do know is that a serious bunch of lingerie designers tried to make me and you think they did it. Because at a certain marketing level, this is what fashion is all about.

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