Melissa Odabash Swimsuits 2011

Melissa Odabash is one of the most inspired lingerie designers I have ever come across. She is spectacular, and it’s so easy for her to translate this into her work, which is a quality that you don’t find that often in a fashion designer.

I admit I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the beautiful Kate Middleton is a fan of Odabash and displays herself in the summer sun wearing elegant swimsuits signed by this inspired designer.

This designer is all about simplicity and everlasting elegance. It’s not easy to pull this off. But she succeeds, which is my number 1 reason for falling instantly in love with the Melissa Odabash 2011 swimsuits collection.

This piece comes in a mind-blowing turquoise. There’s nothing better to highlight a tanned skin like this color. It doesn’t offer too much support, since it doesn’t strap around the neck. Women with larger breasts would have a difficult time with this bra. The circles in the cleavage area and on the sides of the bikini go perfectly with this light color.

Most designers only focus on swimsuits, but this one right here must have thought “What if I create cover-ups also?” This Spanish fringed poncho has a lot of panache, which I believe is always a good thing. It highlights the neckline with the thin ties. It’s black, looks great and it’s completely made of cotton.

I like embroidery. It shows how much attention has been paid to the creation process. This piece is made of creamy white cotton voile and is sprinkled with dark brown details. The thin band looks pretty underneath the breasts and the large sleeves give the entire look a loose and sexy appearance.

Prints gain more and more territory in 2011. I admit, I am very picky when it comes to prints. But these swimsuits designs are wonderful and they got my attention from the first view.

And with the Cora piece, I once again started wearing jade and lime all together. This tunic looks this impressive because it was crafted in India. I never doubted that Indians are excellent craftsmen. A loose tie gives the neckline a soft touch. Not to mention the colors that fit in perfectly. I think it’s time to treat myself with a nice little gift.

As a fan of Melissa Odabash Swimsuits, I warmly recommend you consider this designer for summer inspiration.

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