Eres Bathing Suits 2011

I like youthful beachwear. There, I said it! I enjoy bright colors and colorful details. I search for comfort and a fresh look in the same time. I am a fan of underwire, but only sometimes. I like it fun and sexy.
I like Eres bathing suits because they keep it simple and yet, they look fantastic. It’s a great perk for designers to combine minimalistic with glamorous and deliver awesome results. Eres did just that and let me tell you why they fit my needs so damn well.
The Les Essentiels theme is my first example. This piece is called Fugue Cavale and has graphic cutouts and quite a tropical vibe. The color got my eyes instantly. Rouge grenade, French for pomegranate red, makes your skin look simply fantastic. It’s vibrant and daring. The top has a removable neck strap, bust darts and a gripper tape at the back.


Show Scarlett is just what it sounds like: a show. This daring top reveals the lower cleavage, highlighting the breasts. The metal clasp is the main attraction, that’s for sure. The low straight waist bikini offer a beautiful shape to your bottom. And the cyclone color is so acid.


The more exotic and feminine theme, Coco, offers two color lines and a duality of details: either faded and sensual or bright and vibrant. This Bandana Monoi comes in pomegranate red and seaweed colors. The cleavage and neck are adorned by seaweed palm with removable neck strap. Bikini has wide padded ties on the sides, which is something I’ve always liked.


The Bandana Omaha piece keeps the appliqué palm and removable neck strap. Cyclone and black make the perfect color combination for this design. And the bikini has vague details that match the appliqué palm chromatically.


The Taboo theme is an explosion of feminine details and tropical prints. The Hades Agave is made of a triangle bikini top with a wide drawstring. Of course, wide straps tie around the neck and secure the top. A small bow adds playfulness to this sexy bikini bottom.


Following, the Plume theme is more intricate and punchy. The Quistiti Ibis bathing suit has a bandeau bikini top that you can wear without the neck strap. It’s sexier. A sophisticated detail draws attention on cleavage. The low waist bikini has a removable belt, adorned with Plumes.


This Perruche Canari is my favorite piece. I love triangle bikini tops, just like this one right here. This piece has multicolored details, strategically placed on this seaweed color. Straps are so thin and can be worn around the neck.


The Cache Cache theme is a reminder of the ‘50s and I don’t know about you, but I believe those years were a burst of femininity. The Amarre Corsaire is a powerful piece, with colors named fou rire, which means the fool’s laughter and sable rose, which is sandy pink. The wide halter neck strap is a strong detail that matches perfectly the low waist boy short.


The wide halter neck strap is also added to this Amarre Babord bathing suit. Only this suit keeps the wide straps on the sides of the bikini, which kind of completes this solid vibe.


The Frou Frou theme combines Parachute fabric with electric shades. The Glitter Boum comes in marabout and cyclone colors which fit the shirred neckline details. Full bikini briefs keep these details on the front. And may I add, it looks amazing.


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